Wish List

Our monthly outgoings are covered by the regular rentals, but if we want to do anything extra, we have to fundraise specifically.

We achieved a lot in 2019 such as:

  • Replace Hand Dryers
  • Create and build under stage storage
  • Replace soffit, fascia and guttering
  • New roll-down shutters for kitchen and bar openings
  • New Alcove Lighting
  • Creation of a Heritage room in conjunction with local historian Dr Susan Pittman and Crockenhill Parish Council
  • Fitted Wainscotting to lower walls in main hall
  • New Curtain tracks to stage curtains
  • New window roller blinds

2020 has seen limited opportunities for fundraising and we have seen a dramatic dip in our finances as we have been forced to close the hall due to Covid-19. Despite this we have achieved the following:

  • New Interior Doors
  • Creation of a new cloakroom
  • Creation of a new hall office
  • Replace overhead projector screen
  • Stage floor was extensively refurbished

2021 has again seen limited opportunities for fundraising although we have some events planned for later in the year. Despite this we have so far achieved the following:

  • Repair and repaint main hall and stage area
  • Purchased and installed a new bicycle rack
  • Repair and repaint the rear lobby
  • Replaced small and medium trestle tables

However there is still a lot more to do including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Replace large trestle tables
  • Replace pin-board display screens
  • Buy a new cooker extractor hood, possibly a commercial one
  • Buy and install a new kitchen
  • Refurbish and upgrade bar area
  • Provide a buggy shelter

If you can help with any of this, please let us know.  Thank you