Registered Charity Number 302724

The Village Hall is a Trust Property for the use of the inhabitants of Crockenhill and surrounding neighbourhood.

The Village Hall Management Committee is a registered charity and, as well as receiving rental income, fundraising is carried out in order to have the funds available to carry out repairs, upgrades and pay the bills like gas, electric and insurance.

Residents of Crockenhill over the age of 18 and organisations that regularly hire out the hall are welcome to become involved in the day to day running of the Village Hall.

The meetings, while following an agenda and necessary formalities, are very friendly and offer a chance to meet and catch up with others.

A wide range of skills and personalities are required to alleviate the pressure from any one individual in looking after our Village Hall and making sure she is kept clean, tidy and safe.

Being a regular member or attendee at meetings does not carry the same responsibility as that of a Trustee but does give you the chance to be involved in decision making about the day to day maintenance as well as getting involved in events, like quiz nights that generate much needed income.

If you are interested then please come along to our monthly meetings. They are held at the Village Hall on the third Wednesday of every month (excluding the month of August) starting at 7.30pm and lasting for about one and half hours.

If you require further details then please contact either the Chairman or the Treasurer and they will be more than happy to talk to you (contact details can be found on the contact details page).