About Us

Crockenhill Active Retirement Association was set up with the help of the Parish Council in January 2016 and is affiliated to the Kent Active Retirement Association (KentARA).  Our membership has risen to just over 100 and we are still welcoming any new members – we can go up to 120.  Although we have no catchment area, priority will be given to those either living or working in Crockenhill.  

We meet on the second Monday of the month in the Village Hall 2pm-4pm. Cost is £20p.a. with £1 per meeting which includes a lucky ticket and the chance of winning £20.   Guests are charged £3.00 but also have the chance of winning the £20.  The majority of meetings we will have a speaker and, if not, some kind of entertainment.

The group consists of retired and semi retired people over 50 who do not see retirement as a door closing, rather a door opening to a new opportunity. We are a non profit making organisation whose aim is to foster friendship between our members and to provide opportunities and facilities for social, cultural and leisure activities with the object of ensuing a full and active retirement.

If you want further information please collect a newsletter from the Parish Office at the rear of the Village Hall (mornings Mon-Thu) or email us on: or visit