The Croxy Cinema

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The Crockenhill Croxy Cinema is closed for the foreseeable future.

Unfortunately due to the rise on online streaming services and the opening of the Orpington Cinema it has become increasingly difficult to cover costs and still be competitive.

We may try to find way to re-invent ourselves or to host one-off specials however the regular monthly screening are currently cancelled.

Future Dates:

A community cinema is a non-profit-making, volunteer-led organization that shows films within its community.

Even though we are non-profit-making we do have expenses and one of the largest is for the screening license for the films. The showing of films outside of the home is strictly controlled under license from the film distributors hence the need to charge an entrance fee.

For any information regarding the cinema or if you wish to offer your services please contact us via:

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Phone 07745 20 67 02

Some useful links:
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