Crockenhill’s Community Pantry

We need to look after each other, especially after this year. Many of us are struggling financially so I have reached out to the community on your behalf. Local groups and residents are concerned their neighbours might need some help during these uncertain times and have kindly offered to help with food and necessities without hesitation or query. With the help of a small team of volunteers, Crockenhill Baptist Church, Elim Church Swanley, Crockenhill Parish Council, Crockenhill Primary School, Crockenhill Pre-School, Angel Bakes, Anthony Roper Trust, Sevenoaks District Council and many caring residents, we have created Crockenhill’s Community Pantry. We will open on Wednesday 18th November. Our regular opening times are Wednesdays 7-8pm and Fridays 2-3pm every week. You’ll find us in Crockenhill Baptist Church, Eynsford Road (side door)You are very welcome to come and take what you need, whether it be a shopping top up or a few bag loads, confidentially and without question. This Community Pantry is not means tested and will not require vouchers or payment. Our small team will make you feel very welcome. We sincerely want to take the pressure off you in these tough times until you’re back on your feet.

Cllr Rachel Waterton